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About us

From first finding out you’re expecting, to bump, baby, boob and beyond, we know first-hand that comfort is key.

As a mom and daughter team, our brand is built on addressing all the struggles moms have come to face over the ages.

We have made our products to serve for longer and have more than one purpose while maintaining style and affordability.



To be a mother – and a very proud grandma – could only be described in the words of someone who feels the same as me:

“If we were asked to define MOTHERHOOD – we would have described it as love in its purest form – UNCONDITIONAL LOVE”

The need for a suitable maternity clothing range came to us through firsthand experience- to come home after a long day in the corporate world dressed uncomfortable leaving you feeling miserable, makes this wonderful journey full of mixed emotions…and trust us, you will have enough of that with the pregnancy hormones.

To the Mom’Into shop

Our breastfeeding friendly range are designed to ensure you can easily jump between the corporate look and a fun filled family outing.

Mom’Into baby shop/Family

Family is important to us, therefore we try to include the whole family in our mom-dad-and us range of your milestone journeys ahead from hospital sets to birthdays. This will ensure you become part of the Mom’Into family FOREVER!


Our studio is on our plot, within walking distance of our homes -as COMFORT is a key part of our brand.

Situated in a quiet area close to Rayton – east of Pretoria – where the birds sing and our tranquil surrounds is the perfect place to let the creativity flow.

We courier our products country wide, using preferred couriers for each area.

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